Monday, April 7, 2014


I think the voice inside each one of us that makes us artists is a lot like that little piece of DNA that makes each and every one of us a genius at something.  Some of us create great art of worldly renown, but most of us just feel the need to express our creative flow.  Sometimes we connect with The Energy and it flows through us and into the medium we use to express ourselves.  What results is pretty cool art.  But we secretly know that it's not our creation, but rather, the Creator's energy that flows through us, and in my case, onto my canvas. 

Sometimes I become very left brained in my day-to-day life and get so caught up in the practical, logical, egotistical mind set, that I forget I really, really need to let my right side brain free to roam, receive, be inspired and create!  This has caused me a lot of problems throughout my life.  Problems that stem from being out of balance between the left and the right sides. 

As I learn now to listen to the creative me,  I am finding that I am less interested in conformance for monetary gain and much more interested in those things most of us left behind when we grew up.  Dreams, ideals, the wonder of life, endless possibilities.  I create first and foremost for me, with no intention of selling it or giving it away.  If that should come, then let it come.  In the meantime, I try to let it flow through me at some point each day.  Practice makes perfect!
Here is some of my "flow" work: